Devon C Johnson is a listener

Ask him what he does best and that's what he'll tell you. He began by absorbing Ragtime and Jazz at a young age before discovering Funk and Soul, and eventually devoured everything between before falling in love with Indie Rock. When it comes to listening to music, no genre is out of reach.

The slightly-longer-than-short answer is that Devon is a Producer and Songwriter. Having absorbed so many different styles of music so early in life has given him a wide breadth to reference. Everyone listens to music, but not everyone digs to see what makes it tick. This constant search to discover what makes a song breathe is what inspires him to find exactly what a song needs. As a producer, Devon brings a unique approach to every project. It's never about his fingerprint; it's about facilitating the specific vision of the artist. It’s about finding the right musical reference and making it your own through experimentation. Devon likes to consider himself a transparent producer.

Devon is probably a lot of other things. You may have seen him as a model in an ad, or you may have even seen him on TV. Some will know him as the drummer for the dearly missed Garage Rock band Shoot The Freak, or guitarist for the Indie Rock band The Cloud Room, but many should know him as one of the best DJs in New York City.

Whatever the case, music is his first love; if it’s about music, then he’s about it. He wants to thank you for listening.